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Mecatech and the Dupag Group.
By using additives, optimizing the reliability and functioning of diesel injection and AdBlue systems is an art that the technicians of the Dupag Group understand like no other. By using a Mécatech additive, fuel filter clogging become a thing of the past, wear on injectors is reduced and AdBlue crystallization is prevented. Not only the Mécatech additives – which are among the top in the market – but also the up-to-date knowledge of modern engine technology , and fuels makes the Dupag Group a valuable partner in logistics, agriculture, civil engineering and automotive. In 2020, Dupag launched its own premium diesel called ‘MecXellent’. The launch of MecXellent is the result of an extensive study into the behaviour and negative properties of modern B7 diesel. Part of this study was a graduation assignment at the University of Utrecht entitled ‘Micro-organisms in diesel’. The reason for the complete study was on the one hand the amount of problems that occurred (especially in 2019) with B7 diesel and on the other hand the astonishing result that was achieved with the Mécatech additives, which successfully eliminated all problems.
MecXellent has all the advantages of a B7 diesel (price, optimum power, EN590), but not the disadvantages that often arise due to the bio-components present. Dupag Group also supplies service and products for the workshop with brands such as Cobra Clean and Fuchs oil in its portfolio.
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