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Your partner in the transport industry
Nebu Transport Services (NTS) is your reliable, solid and experienced partner in the European transport industry. We ensure that your transport is made faster, cheaper and more transparent. In doing so, we focus our service entirely on your personal wishes and listen to what you need.

A variety of services
Our services not only provide you with substantial discounts on fuel, toll roads and tunnels, but also save you a lot of administrative hassle. We excel in reclaiming foreign VAT. This at advantageous percentages and by means of a solid working method. We offer you minimum wage representation in different countries, toll boxes, reclaiming excise duties and the possibility to book a ferry 24 hours a day through an online booking system. With our refreshing view on the transport industry, we are happy to help you further.

Nebu Transport Services as your mainstay
Have you paid VAT and excise duties abroad? We will get it back for you! Log in to our customer portal and receive a detailed overview of which amounts you will be refunded and which invoices we have processed and submitted. In the field of the transport industry, we are happy to take your work off your hands, so that you can focus on what you are good at. We do that too!

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